Budget Overview

Vassar College’s operating budget supports the college’s teaching and research activities, as well as activities related to student services and the physical plant. For fiscal 2009/10, budgeted operating revenues and expenses are $153.4 million.

The college’s major revenue components are:


Net Tuition and Fees, comprised of tuition, room and board, net of financial aid, is the college’s largest revenue source, equal to all other revenue combined.

Support from Financial Assets, primarily endowment support, is the second largest revenue category.

Private Gifts from individuals and foundations are the third largest revenue category.

Other income, comprised primarily of government and foundation and fee-for-service revenue, is the smallest revenue category.

The college’s major expense components are:


Compensation, including salaries, wages and benefits, is the college’s largest expense category, comprising nearly 2/3rds of all expenses.

Operating Expenses include expenses for dining, departmental budgets, utilities and other operating costs and account for nearly a quarter of total expenditures.

Plant and Equipment includes allocations for reinvestment in the physical plant, furniture and equipment purchases, and funds allocated for computing and other technology purchases.

Debt Service accounts for 4% of operating expenses.